Our passion for cooking is rooted in our traditional Italian upbringing, where cooking and ingredients are a central part of family life.

We come from Parma, where many of Italy’s finest food products are made, and our families have been involved in this industry for several generations.

Passion for food brought us together, and we decided as a couple to travel across Italy, from north to south, where we had the fortune to taste and learn about ingredients and recipes from locals.

This adventurous spirit, curiosity and desire to experience and research food cultures took us from Italy to the UK, where we discovered the culinary flavours and styles of the Old Albion land.

Here, a personal reinterpretation of both traditions led to the creation of a new multicultural project: Wop Food, Food Without Passport. Nothing could express our personalities better.

Quality is the secret ingredient to all great cooking, and our close relationships with our producers is our biggest point of pride. We believe their quality is reflected in ours.

Healthy food, quality products and simple cooking methods, in the Italian tradition.

That’s the key to our recipes.